How to obtain additional eco-interest loan?

The eco-loan complementary zero you will fund the work that you have not been able to achieve the first time. (Credits: Fotolia) Your home still needs small energy renovation work but you’ve used an eco-interest loan? Good news: You can now request an additional eco-loan.


You now have the right to a second chance for your renovation. Since 1 July 2016, it is possible to make a new eco-interest loan application even if you have already benefited from this before. For this, observe some conditions, starting with the amount paid ceiling.

Indeed, an eco-interest loan used to fund energy renovations to the limit of 30,000 euros. If your first loan was less than that amount, so you can make an eco-loan request additional zero to use the margin you have left. As a concrete example, if you made the first application of eco-interest loan in the amount of 22,000 euros in 2014, you can apply again in 2016, but you can not borrow more than 8,000 euros.

The decree of August 3, 2016, specifies the procedures for obtaining an eco-loan additional zero. In addition to the € 30,000 ceiling in total respect, your first loan will be issued up to three years before your new application. In addition, work on which will complement the eco-PTZ will be different from those financed by the first loan, remaining obviously in the bouquet of eligible work in this device.

The items required for your request for additional eco-loan

The new eco-loan application will be based on the same terms as the original loan. Thus, you must provide a complete file to the bank for the loan (as part of the twenty institutions that have signed a distribution agreement eco-PTZ with the State). There will appear a description of the work, a detailed estimate and a form to be filled out by the company that will carry out your renovation. This should provide evidence of its EGR label (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) and certify that the work carried out is an eligible device. To request additional eco-loan, you must also provide an original eco-ready certification completed by the bank that had granted you. More information can be found on the links below: