Hyperwallet | Global Payouts (2024)

Make fast and reliable payouts worldwide.

Send money to payees almost anywhere in the world in their preferred payment methods with Hyperwallet, a PayPal service.

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Hyperwallet | Global Payouts (1)

200+ markets. 50+ currencies. One provider.

Offer diverse payout options

Disburse funds in 50+ currencies directly to bank accounts, debit cards, alternative payment methods, prepaid cards, PayPal, and Venmo.1

Scale and stay compliant globally

Easily send payments to 200+ markets—all while our payout compliance controls help you manage complex regulations.

Deliver a great payee journey

Customize the experience for your payees and let them have control over how they receive their funds. They can also get multilingual customer support.

Design your payment workflow​

As your business expands, our open, flexible, and scalable platform is designed to help meet the needs of your business and payees, wherever they are.

Join leading businesses making payouts with Hyperwallet

Offer payees more control with localized payout options

  • Disburse payments in 50+ currencies to 200+ markets
  • Offer bank ​deposit, alternative payment methods,​ check,​ or unbanked options including cash pickup and prepaid cards
  • Make fast direct transfers to payees in our vast network of 400+ million PayPal active accounts and 90 million Venmo users¹
  • Monitor the status of transfers with Payment Tracker

Scale globally and meet complex regulations

  • Help maintain compliance with international regulations, including PSD2
  • Minimize exceptions and simplify reconciliation processes, while also aiding in reducing foreign exchange costs
  • Integrated anti-money laundering and sanctions screening
  • Payee verification tools to provide additional oversight
  • Transaction monitoring and tax reporting

Design your payment workflow

Our platform gives you the choice between an agile setup and full integration with an API.

Payout REST APISecure Batch Transfer

Deep integration puts you in control

Enable full stack payout capabilities and fully adapt your flow of funds with the Payout REST API.

  • Execute frictionless and secure payments to global payees
  • Common REST paradigms and JSON document structures help ensure an efficient implementation process
  • Tap into content and tools that are designed for all development stakeholders

Make payouts in just 3 steps

Step 01

Pay just about anyone using a simple identifier, like an email or phone number

Step 02

Simply upload a batch file including how much you want to pay

Step 03

Fund payouts directly in 28 currencies via bank transfer

Customize the payout experience

Embed powerful mass payment functionality directly into an existing app or dashboard, or get up and running quickly with the hosted portal.

Embedded Payout ExperiencePay Portal Experience

Provide an experience within your own interface

Integrate proven payment technology into your native environments and apps with drop-in UI components and a robust payout API.

  • Control your level of integration
  • Design the look and feel of your payee interface
  • Support rapid global expansion

Accelerate your integration

Shorten the integration timeline and start offering your payees self-serve access to their funds.

  • Minimal integration effort
  • Hyperwallet-hosted environment that can be branded to suit your enterprise
  • Includes responsive web interface for a mobile-friendly experience

Streamline payouts for your business, platform, or marketplace

Whether you pay royalties, fares, claims, or commissions, Hyperwallet’s capabilities can meet the needs of your unique payout use case.

Payout method optionsBank account, direct to debit, PayPal, Venmo, check, prepaid card, virtual prepaid card, eGift card, and cash pickup
ConfigurabilityImplement multiple unique payout programs using a single integration
OnboardingPersonalized onboarding and configuration planning with a solutions expert
Payout fundingFund directly in 28 currencies, integrated multi-currency funding, and fund directly from other payment service providers
Integration methodsAPI, web upload, or file transfer
Payout experience for payeesChoose a hosted portal or embed the experience in your app or site
Additional features1099 tax reporting, detailed reporting, integrated payee verification, multilingual payee support (email, chat, phone), and Payment Tracker

Sending funds to PayPal accounts only?Learn about PayPal Payouts

PayPal + Walmart

Walmart’s integration with Hyperwallet led to a 629% increase in payout volume2

“PayPal’s Hyperwallet has definitely met or exceeded our expectations. It allows us to give our sellers options for how they would like to be paid.”

— Kon stantin Zuzik, Senior Manager of Payment Policy, Walmart

Read the Walmart case study

PayPal + Southwest Airlines

PayPal and Southwest Airlines worked together to solve an urgent payouts challenge

"We were able to compensate several hundred million dollars in under a couple weeks. Clearly the functional use of Hyperwallet was never more readily apparent.”

— Chris Priebe, Managing Director of Payments and Risk, Southwest Airlines

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We’re here to help your business grow, compete, and thrive in today’s digital commerce landscape.

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Hyperwallet | Global Payouts (2024)
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