PoE 3.23 Spectre Tier List (2024)

New spectres are coming to Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League. A bunch of new spectres was changed into support spectres and they are very good. Read our PoE 3.23 spectre tier list, we’re ranking the best spectres for SRS Poison!

PoE 3.23 Best Spectres For SRS Poison - Path of Exile SRS Spectre Tier List 3.23

Spectres are special monster monsters that you can resurrect and command as minions in Path of Exile. You use the Summon Spectre gem to resurrect a fallen monster as a spectre under your control. They will follow you and attack enemies. Popular spectres include Pale Seraphim for its damage debuff, and Carnage Chieftain for its buffs. Different spectres provide different skills. There are imperfect versions, regular versions, andperfect versions of the new spectres in Path of Exile 3.23. The truth is the imperfect and normal versions are completelyworthless, justignore them. Now, let's check our PoE 3.23 Afflition spectres tier list for SRS Poison!

S Tier - Pale Seraphim

Reduces enemy action speed and increases damage taken, very strong defense buff.The main reason it is used is for its Malediction ability. When near an enemy, it applies a debuff reducing their action speed by 20% and increasing damage taken by 20%.Pale Seraphim is the premier support spectre due to its overpowered yet reliable damage amp and defensive debuff abilities. It is invaluable for minion builds.

S Tier - Perfect Forest Warrior

Gives allies an Onslaught buff and culling strike passive, great utility.Its main ability is granting allies the Onslaught buff. This provides 20% increased attack speed, cast speed and movement speed.Has a cooldown of 12 seconds but the buff lasts 4 seconds, so near 100% uptime on Onslaught.It's the new topbestPoE 3.23 DPS support spectredue to its powerful buffs and immortal qualities. A go-to guy for every minion build that has support spectres.

A Tier - Warlord

This spectre is interesting.He casts avitalityandEnduring Cry. HeusesImmortal Call and shares his endurancecharges sohe has quite a lotof life.20 all base resistance which isrespectable that's fine. The numbers he bringsat least when he's a highlevel are quite good.If we go to level84, he does have a316 liferegen on his vitality which is amazing.If we have him we don'thave to run vitality. Once every 8seconds,hewill do his Enduring Cry.His enduringcry regenerates 40% of hislife and grants 3endurance charges.He's going to share those endurancecharges with not just you but also allyour other minions making them all tank. This guycan't die and will giveyou maybe not permanent but quite a good uptime on endurance chargesplus the vitality.

A Tier - Thunderbird

Thisone castsgrace since now grace is not something we canafford in Poison SRS and not somethingwe use in the Guardian SRS either.However, we can gowith determination and grace by just bringingPrimalThunderbird. Hehas a good graceaura,4,000 flat evasions, and 30% moreevasion.The only downsideabout him ishe has no resistance to fire and noresistance to coldbase and only 188%life so he could be anissue. This one needs testing and it's alsovery cheap.If he lives, grace isamazing.

B Tier - Meatsack

Meatsackis anamazing name fora minion.It has very highlife,it releases acaustic cloud on hit but the caustic clouddoesn't do anything.What we do care though is owner’sminions have a 40% increased maximum lifeso this guy's jobis just to give increased maximum lifeto all of yourminions.Making everything else tankier,making your animate guardian tankier,your other specters tankier.Increasingthe life of your raging spirits if youhappen to be like pop explodingthem.He's got 800% on his life butotherwise he does practically nothing. He does do somechaosground damage which is like an okaynumber but not enough tomatter.This new PoE 3.23 Affliction spectre could be worth playing aroundwith.

B Tier - Guardian Turtle

Guardian Turtleis only usable by a guardian,Poison SRS Necro is out of luckwith this.He ishugeandhe is also incredibly slow. He does givethe Determination Aura,a strongerversion of what we give and he gives theowner 5% physical mitigation which isgreat.However he's unusable,you'll never be inside of hisauraunless you're a Guardian. He's got a good amount oflife, and gooddefense and he has a 4K armor and 30%morearmor.SoGuardians have an option for gettingdetermination.

C Tier - Naval Officer

This spectre is aquestion mark because his lifehimself is pretty low.He's only got 60kto begin with and it's only a 146%increase.He also is missing tworesistances.Buthe casts great precision.More importantly nearby allieshave plus 10fortifications that's the same buff theKingmaker gives.So that is good for making us moretanky.

The best Path of Exile 3.23 Spectrefor PoisonSRS is going to be Pale Seraphimand the Forest Warrior.Or either theWarlord for the endurance chargesor the Grace.

PoE 3.23 Spectre Tier List (2024)
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